• November 16 - 18, 2020
  • Transamerica Expo Center

The Agro Ecosystem



From planting to harvesting, making things happen

The agricultural and livestock production are present here with the new products and services and trends that impact agricultural and livestock activity and generate exponential savings.

The latest in machinery and implements, seeds, fertilizers and crop defense using biotechnology and genetics to foster modern, efficient, technological and sustainable yield that becomes a multiplier of development in different sectors and businesses in the country.


The future is being created now

Discoveries, solutions, system and process accelerators, multiple connections, agrotechs.
In a business environment daily impacted by new technology, innovation plays a key role in the competitiveness of companies. Startups will present disruptive solutions to revolutionize the agriculture ecosystem.

A space to connect all links in the production chain with new perspectives as well as the mindset aimed at growth and innovation.




The technological revolution in the field

The future of the technology that makes agribusiness one of the most developed sectors in data intelligence and increased results.

Digital monitoring, tracking, connectivity, artificial intelligence, automation, softwares, big data, cloud computing and all the applications that are part of predictive agriculture and increased production performance will be present at Agro 5.0.

The innovations and technology that enabled us to get where we are, and that will take us into the future. University research and practical science are the multipliers that enable us to innovate production processes and develop the country through agriculture in a sustainable manner.


Services, governance and management in agribusiness

Another element that is part of this complex ecosystem, which has become increasing important in GDP, is the services segment. The modernization of agribusiness is occurring with the introduction of management for productivity gains.

Innovations in processes, management and governance, education and training are increasingly present and are fundamental for the sustainability, continuity and development of the sector. Business agreements through contracts, customized financing for each producer and specialized consulting are other examples of this progress.

At Agro Excellence, investors, consulting firms, banks and development agencies have the opportunity to understand the full potential of this market and grow their business.




Sustainable consumption begins here

Present in almost everything we consume, agribusiness is behind much of what we consume on a daily basis and export around the world. From more obvious items, such as food and beverages, to less obvious ones like cosmetics, furniture, clothing and drugs, a number of industries are directly linked to this ecosystem.

Agro Global presents the main global trends and the future vision and positioning of the companies involved in this global agribusiness market.

With a focus on increased production, driven by consumer demand, the circular economy and sustainability, Brazil must take on an increasingly active role in international trade relations, where diplomatic, trade and competition rules are different and rigorous.